OpenServer 5.0.7 Integration Form


Time Zone

Please indicate the Operating System that we should install:
Mouse and GUI settings
Note: If we integrate the system with a mouse and you remove the mouse later, the system bios may get confused, reassign IRQ's and refuse to boot. To prevent such problems, we recommend that you always connect the mouse and just disable the GUI, if desired, so it can be re-enabled later. For example, if you have an Adaptec 3200 RAID controller, the GUI Storage Manager utility provides information and options not available elsewhere.

If disks are in a RAID array, setup this RAID level:
Warning: Many raid cards today have no alarm if a drive fails. SAS/SATA RAID on SCO 5 has no alarm and no utility to check the RAID status while SCO 5 is running. An LED on the back of the machine will change from blinking green to solid amber if there is a fault condition. Choose SCSI RAID on SCO 5 if you want some sort of notification of a drive failure.

Disk Drive 0 (Or Array 0 If Raid) (Where The Operating System Will Be Installed)

DTR Recommendations:
512 MB RAM => 1 GB swap
1 GB RAM => 2 GB swap
2 GB RAM => 3 GB swap
4 GB RAM or more => 4 GB swap (max allowed)
Note: A RAID subsystem will usually be setup as one large array 0. If so, leave the following drive questions blank.

Filesystem Mount Point(s) (And % allocation)

Primary NIC Card (Ethernet)

RMM NIC (For Out-Of-Band System Health Monitoring, If Any)

Secondary NIC Card (If Any)

Email subsystem

If Any Digi PortServers Are On The Order

Note: Extra-cost packages (such as BackupEDGE, Development System (C compiler), Lone-Tar, Merge, and SMP) are not listed above. They will be installed automatically if you have purchased them with this system.
License Agreements
WARNING: If you order an upgrade or crossgrade SCO license, you must also enter the old SCO license that is being upgraded and replaced by the new system. SCO does not allow a grace period for running the old system and the new system in the network at the same time, so migration and testing may fail due to licensing violations. You may request a demo license for the new system in the special instructions field above to provide a grace period. Then you must install the real licenses when you go live. Usually a demo license can only be selected when SCO is initially installed from scratch.
Please review all of the above information and then click the Submit button to send it to the DTR Integration group. You do not need to do anything further after you click Submit below.