Red Hat Linux Integration Form


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Please indicate the Operating System that we should install:
If Disks are in a RAID array, setup this RAID level:

Disk Drive 0 (or Array 0 If Raid) (Where The Operating System Will Be Installed)

Note: A RAID subsystem will usually be setup as one large array 0. If so, leave the following drive questions blank.

Fill Out Filesystem Mount Point(s) (And % Allocation)

Primary NIC Card (Ethernet)

RMM NIC (For Out-Of-Band System Health Monitoring, If Any)

Secondary NIC Card (If Any)

If Any Digi PortServers Are On The Order

Install optional package(s)?
If the GUI on the system console is never used, it is a good idea to have us disable it so it does not waste system resources. We can enable it if needed.
License Agreements

Please review all of the above information and then click the Submit button to send it to the DTR Integration Group. You do not need to do anything further after you click Submit below.